Dmitry Pavlovsky has been writing music since 1999, when by chance he downloaded the software synthesizer TS404 and the HammerHead Rhythm Station.

Entrenched in his basement behind stacks of laptops, monitors and keyboards Dmitry created a variety of electronic soundscapes under many aliases. Saturn 5, Wing Zero, Headset, Ixion, Dream Attack and, ultimately, Selfish Boy - his current alias.

In additional to his solo efforts, Dmitry has written music for and remixed music by other artists. One such group is Retrogramme, who used Dmitry's services as a vocalist on multiple occasions. A strong bond formed, resulting in a permanent partnership.

In 2011 Dmitry became the main studio vocalist for Retrogramme (though numerous guest vocalists will continue to contribute to Retrogramme in studio).

Selfish Boy's latest release, "Temporary Love", is now available on Red Basement Records.

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